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  • Company Image Crisis Management
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Media Relations

Being in contact with the media is very important for advertising a brand, but the quality of this relationship translates into much more efficient results. INK has the expertise and strategies for the relationship between brand and specialized media.

Relations with Digital Influencers

The relationship with the press evolved and reached now the digital influencers. Influencers, as they are known, can impact thousands of people in a single post. Count on our relationship expertise to integrate your brand into this universe and increase even more the brand visibility.


Offering quality content at an event is essential for business success. Count on a multidisciplinary team that plans, develops, and organizes your event from the beginning to the end, promoting your visual identity.

Company Image Crisis Management

To overcome a crisis and manage future problems, it is essential to be quick and accurate in responding to the press. Count on an agency specialized in image management and speech guidance for executives and other stakeholders.

Media Training

To develop and prepare spokespersons for interviews with the media, relationship with social media, the guidance of employees to transmit key messages from the company and private consultancy. Discover our plans, and apply them to your demand.

Business Case

A survey made with CEOs, conducted by Wakefield Research for PRSA New Jersey, affirms that 85% of the leaders surveyed rate building a corporate reputation as an important public relations objective. The business casework is a crucial part of the corporate reputation building since it directly influences the recognition of such reputation and raises business value.

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