Data Driven

To guide communication and marketing actions based on knowledge about the market and target audiences.

  • Communication Planning
  • Researches
  • Analysis and Diagnosis

NPS Surveys

NPS – Net Promoter Score is a methodology used by many companies worldwide to measure the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty with the brands.

In an NPS survey, customers are classified into three parts (detractors, neutrals, and promoters) according to the rating they give to companies, ranging from 0 to 10.

Knowing the importance of your brand to the customer is essential for the growth and improvement of your service or product.

Competitive Analysis

Competition is one of the great allies of a brand because it motivates the search for innovations and strategies capable of recreating products and services, scaling them in a high level of competitiveness.

So analyzing who your competitors are, competitive differentials, place, product, price, and promotions can bring excellent data for making new decisions.

Reputation Analysis

If your brand, service, or product left the market today, what would be the impact for your target audience? If the answer is: If the answer is: “it would be indifferent or it wouldn’t be missed”, you need a reputation analysis.

In this type of analysis, it is possible to assess your company’s image with your company’s stakeholders, consumers, employees, and influencers. The best advertising for your brand is people speaking well of it, so it is essential to engage them.

Creation of Persona and Content Analysis

Understanding your brand profile and how they communicate it is extremely important for your communication strategy. In this regard, it is important to assess the cultural and social behaviors of your consumer base and then communicate with them in a closer and natural way.

With persona mapping, the company can be seen as a brand that cares about its target.

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